Use of conscious sedation and anxiety control

    Even though dental treatments have advanced enormously thanks to the use of high technology and new dentistry techniques, many patients are unwilling to undergo these treatments because of anxiety problems.

    Clínica Cervera has pioneered the use of conscious sedation and anxiety control in dentistry in Girona. We have been offering this service since 2001, provided by a medical team specialised in anaesthesiology, which enables the patient to be safely and effectively relaxed before and during dental treatment.

    Conscious sedation is an anaesthetic technique that removes the patient's tension and anxiety, inducing a state of drowsiness. As the patient is in a relaxed state, treatment is quicker and less uncomfortable. During the procedure, the patient and his or her vital signs are monitored. The patient returns to a normal condition in just 20 minutes after the appointment, and he or she can leave the clinic fully recovered.

    You can ask for this service when the treatment plan is explained to you or, depending on the type of procedure, it may be suggested to you.